How Data Science/Analytics can Change the Telecom Industry

July 29, 2020
Author: Sri Vanam | Senior Data Analyst Today, every company should care about its data, and these days it is a must to have a data science team who can focus on every tiny piece of a data. Telecom companies receive huge data sets from multiple different sources, and this data can be turned into […]

Making Your Communications Safe, Smart and Secure

June 30, 2020
Author: Joe Spoon | Senior Network Engineer, Todd Sanchez | Senior Systems & Security Engineer , Evan Branstner | Security Engineer Technology as a whole is constantly evolving. It’s hard to keep up with all the new offerings to determine what is what. But that’s no excuse to just assume your company’s communications security is doing […]

Tips on How to Manage During a Crisis

June 23, 2020
Author: Tom Tisko | President & CEO The reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic caused a major disruption to the “normal” the team from BullsEye had been accustomed to. BullsEye had to quickly react and support the migration of all our team members to work from home. We had to keep our team calm and productive […]

What is E-Rate? Is it Right for My School?

June 15, 2020
Author: Andy Clutter | Solutions Engineer So, you may be wondering what exactly is E-Rate and how to benefit from it? E-Rate was created to level the playing field of education, specifically online education, and bring internet services to schools and libraries. It is a federal government program ran under the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and is administered by the USAC (Universal Service Administrative Company) offering discounts for approved telecommunications access […]

Communications Security – Keeping Your Information Safe & Secure

June 8, 2020
Author: Joe Spoon | Senior Network Engineer, Todd Sanchez | Senior Systems & Security Engineer , Evan Branstner | Security Engineer Like many other things, security technology is evolving. This is due, in part, to threats becoming more complex. What used to be simple attacks on one device have evolved to target every device on […]