Seven Vital VoIP Myths & Facts

March 24, 2014
Dispelling myths and presenting the real facts about VoIP can help business owners better understand their options. Voice over Internet Protocol, known as VoIP, has rapidly become one of the most cost effective and efficient ways of handling business telecommunication needs. However, as with an emergent technology, myths abound from the early days of VoIP […]

Simple Tips for Running a Successful Video Conference

March 10, 2014
Adding video conferencing to your telecommunications package can bring a host of benefits to your company. These include high quality audio and video capability, the option of conferencing in person with a new prospect or hire instead of a traditional phone call, the ability to instantly share files and other digital information, and more. However, […]

The Sunset of POTS

February 12, 2014
After a century of good and faithful service to the citizens of the world, POTS – Plain Old Telephone Service – is singing its swan song. With the advent of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), the day of physical landlines is coming to an end. At least one in three households no longer have a […]

How to Cut Costs When Communicating in a Global Marketplace

January 30, 2014
Cost is one of the crucial factors in many companies’ decision about which telephony provider to use. VoIP phone services can not only provide a cost efficient solution, but is often the best option for quality, especially when it comes to global communication. Being able to access high quality voice and data communications services can […]

What Does Your Technology Plan Look Like?

January 7, 2014
Does your technology plan for 2014 cover all the bases? With the business world going digital, terms like “BYOD”, “cloud storage”, and “employee mobility” are rapidly becoming commonplace; yet far too many companies remain way behind the curve. Digital Voice Solutions If you haven’t already, the conversion to internet phone services is one of the […]