BullsEye Telecom
Very impressed with the spirit of the BullsEye team that delight and excite our clients with our solutions regardless of the challenges we face in trying to do so.

Chris Otenbaker

Vice President of Strategic Accounts

Chris Otenbaker started his career at BullsEye in 2009, being one of only two Customer Relationship Managers. Chris’ role is a testament to BullsEye’s commitment to providing an excellent client experience. The team has since quadrupled in size allowing BullsEye to continue its unique hands-on approach with its clients, an approach which is especially important given how complex the landscape has become as technology use shifts.

Chris is excited by the products BullsEye has to offer to so many diverse clients. What keeps him excited about his role is the ability to understand and tailor a solution for a client to be deployed to 100’s or 1,000’s of locations, and be able to see the look on the client’s face once the system is up and running. 

Chris is a proven leader, and his focus on client success gives BullsEye an edge in delivering a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality, flexible communications solutions.