POTS to VoIP | Let BullsEye Help You Make the Move

BullsEye recommends evaluating your current lines to determine how those lines are used. We can help you do this! We have a variety of service options, including VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and other technology solutions to minimize any possible loss of service. These service options can save your business money and offer improved capabilities/technology.

For many customers, moving to VoIP is the real answer to addressing many things: regulatory uncertainty, financial and technology concerns. As a leading provider of Voice over Internet Protocol services, BullsEye has years of experience successfully moving customers from TDM lines to VoIP in a controlled manner. The result is lower costs and more robust feature functionality.

We offer SIP, VTN, and Hosted Solutions, which are designed to deliver superior reliability and robust feature functionality at competitive prices.

Are you aware of the recent FCC regulations that may impact your rates? Click here to view our Forbearance FAQ page.

7 Benefits of Moving to a VoIP System

1 Significant cost savings on call rates, including international calls; free of charge calls between the offices.

2 VoIP system is easier to install, to configure, to troubleshoot and it can be managed via a web-based user interface.

3 Eliminate unnecessary hardware such as media gateways; as an option it is possible to install a virtual or a Cloud-based PBX and use softphones instead of SIP phones.

4 VoIP system is easy to scale: you can dynamically add and remove lines or reassign phones.

5 Mobility: employees can be reached at the same phone number on multiple devices wherever they go.

6 Portability: you can move your office without changing the phone number or having to pay for call forwarding.

7 Advanced Unified Communication features that improve collaboration within the teams and enhance the customer service experience.