Quickly Assess Your Network’s Readiness

BullsEye’s Site Survey for Digital Services examines your company’s VoIP and UCaaS readiness and provides actionable recommendations for improvement. It provides a comprehensive way to see a holistic view of your network performance to more efficiently implement the latest VoIP and SD-WAN technologies.

BullsEye Site Surveys are completed by an experienced team of field engineers who will assess your assets and help you make an informed business decision about what’s best for your business.

The BullsEye Way

Without the right process and people, it’s hard to know exactly what’s in your network. We provide:

  • Proven engineering expertise
  • Robust tools
  • Expert technicians
  • Testing at your site
  • Results you can use

Site Survey Assessments

  • Inside wiring assessment
  • Speed review for Internet traffic
  • Broadband connection including packet loss and jitter
  • Mean Opinion Score (MOS)
  • Firewall and assessment of ports
  • Speed review for VoIP traffic (including packet loss and jitter, both upstream and downstream)
  • Line inventory (including lines not in use)
Site Survey for Digital Services Snapshot
Site Survey for Digital Services VoIP Readiness

Features & Benefits

Information in hand to make any necessary changes

Fully managed and implemented by BullsEye

Smooth and easy access to BullsEye’s team to implement upgrades

Flexibility to choose any vendor for your work

The BullsEye Difference

site survey for digital services
Our Technical Services Team completely evaluates your network
site survey for digital services
Easy-to-digest, visual report showing issues that need attention
site survey for digital services
Excellent value for your investment

Get the Right Business Communications Solution for You

Not sure what the right solution is for your business? Don’t worry—we’ll help you navigate the different options available to find the solution that fits your company’s goals and budget. We’ll seek to understand what you’re currently doing and explore your long-term business plans so we can provide you with a solution that doesn’t just work for now, but will work well into the future.