Enable PSTN Calling for your MS Teams Users

As work forces become more decentralized tools like MS Teams are more and more important for today’s businesses. MS Teams is the premier Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution on the market today. For our clients that have already deployed MS Teams, we’re proud to offer the ability to make and receive phone calls outside of your internal MS Teams environment.

What is MS Teams Direct Routing?

BullsEye’s direct routing feature provides you with the ability to make and receive calls from the external PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) allowing your users to communicate with customers and colleagues outside your MS Teams environment.

What are the Main Advantages of Direct Routing?

  • Seamless calling from within MS Teams (desktop, mobile, endpoint)
  • Advanced calling features (voice mail, forwarding, hunt groups, auto-attendant)
  • Instant access to your contacts (uses MS Teams contact list)
  • One-click meeting creation
  • Collaborate with both internal and external users at the same time

Why Choose Direct Routing with BullsEye Vs. Microsoft?

  • We handle the port start to finish. You provide us with your telephone numbers and we’ll take it from there! Fast and easy!
  • Use BullsEye’s easy-to-use Broadsoft VoIP portal to control your calling features.
  • Microsoft’s direct routing capabilities are extremely limited and difficult to configure.
  • Enjoy 24×7 access to BullsEye’s Client Services team for support vs. Microsoft’s peopleless ticketing system!
  • If you need a physical phone, we offer Poly and Yealink devices that include the MS Teams client application.
  • Very competitive pricing (better than directly with Microsoft)
  • If you aren’t porting TNs and you need new phone numbers, BullsEye can provide a wider variety of NPA-NXX over Microsoft.

Let Us Help You Simplify Your Communications

As a BullsEye client, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to provide the insight, proactive support and strategic guidance to optimize your communications environment. We’re ready to provide the technical insight to support your needs as your organization grows and expands.