Should I act today or can I wait?

Customers can immediately mitigate their service and rate exposure associated with the FCC order by moving away from resale services where possible, including transitioning to BullsEye’s industry leading VoIP service as a more robust and cost-effective solution. Customers can also migrate from complex and high cost local services like Centrex, PBX, BRI, RCF, Foreign Exchange, […]

What other services can BullsEye offer that will eliminate the impact of these changes?

BullsEye offers a variety of robust VoIP alternatives that will eliminate the uncertainty this order creates. The benefits for you can be substantial. You can save money, optimize your services, and enjoy a variety of useful features and capabilities with proven service migration and turn-up capabilities.

Will this impact my ability to order additional services in the future? What should I expect?

It is expected that Resale services will continue to be available after 2-2-20 but at a higher cost basis since there will be a loss of the mandated discount. However, it is also expected that the ILECs will remove the current resale mandated discounts on the base (ordered prior to 2-2-20) on 8-2-22 as part […]

Is there a way to insulate my company, related to these changes?

If you have services with BullsEye, you can insulate yourself from these changes by moving to alternative BullsEye solutions, particularly VoIP. You may be able to minimize pricing impacts or even reduce your costs. BullsEye has converted thousands of lines from TDM services to more advanced VoIP services. We encourage you to consider transitioning away […]

What should I do now?

BullsEye recommends evaluating your current lines to determine if any are negatively impacted. We can help you do this! Also, we have a variety of service options, including VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and other technology solutions to minimize any possible loss of service. Along with addressing the impacts of the legislation, these service options […]