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Future Energy Group talks about BullsEye and their Legendary Customer Experience

BullsEye Sets the Gold Standard in Customer Support

Client Testimonials

“The Support person on the telephone, Paul, was professional and pleasant. Very refreshing to talk to some one who understands that business is a priority and helps to make sure we are 100% taken care of. Kudos!!!” - Pennrose Management Company

“Of the top 10 Customer Service organizations, the BullsEye team is Number 1. All the team should be commended for their dedication to owning a ticket and updating us on the situation with the ticket -- always with the best attitude. Very impressive team!!!” - First Cash

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leg•end•ar•y (adj): Remarkable enough to be famous; very well known.

And that’s how our customers describe the BullsEye experience. For us if it’s not the best you’ve ever had, then it’s just not good enough.

So why are we legends? Here’s a few reasons why:

#1 Every one on our team is a trained expert. Certifications, professional development courses, years and years of specialized telecom experience. We’re not just letting anyone off the street resolve your service needs.

#2 We know we’re not the biggest and while some may argue bigger is better, we say we’re more agile, proactive and attentive. We’re quick on our feet and ready to provide a specialized approach that makes us the right fit for multi-unit operators that have tried the big companies and need a more personalized expert approach.  

#3 A live friendly voice from Southfield, Michigan answers every call service call. In fact, 97.3% of our inbound calls are answered before the fourth ring. 

#4 We offer a unified support environment. No matter where you are, you only have one number to call. If you don't want to call, enter a request via MBA anytime, anywhere.

So yes, you could say we know our stuff.

We don’t just talk about providing good service. Every opportunity we get, we expand, imagine, innovate - and take real action to prove customer service excellence.

We know you expect the best and we deliver nothing but the BEST!

Live Phone Support

Trouble tickets and inquiries related to your invoice, feature usage, special promotions or any other questions regarding the status of your account can be submitted 24/7 via MBA: My Service Center. 

Client Services is available 24/7 to assist with any repair issue.  You can also speak to a live Client Services Representative Monday through Saturday from 7am - 1am EST and Sunday from 9am - 8pm EST at 1-877-638-2855 regarding your account.

Legendary Customer Service Lives at BullsEye

"Having done similar migrations during my career this project was by far the quickest, smoothest and easiest I have ever experienced." Read the letter here.