IoT Solutions

Your IoT, Your Way

Connect, collect, store, and analyze your devices' data. With BullsEye IoT, you can build sensors and gateways for solutions that apply to virtually any use case across a wide range of devices.
  • Turnkey efficiencies and cost savings
  • Efficiencies gained often exceed the cost of the solution
  • Wide selection of sensors and gateways
  • BullsEye engineers can help you choose and design your custom IoT solution
  • BullsEye's IoT solutions are customized to your business and can be managed through a convenient online portal.

IoT Solutions for Restaurants and Retail

BullsEye offers three types of IoT solutions for restaurant and retail environments.
  1. Food safety
  2. Electrical monitoring
  3. HVAC monitoring and control
Depending on your specific needs, BullsEye's solution includes wireless sensors, handheld temperature probes, remote control thermostats, electrical use monitoring sensors, automatic alerts, and reporting.

Custom Solutions

For custom applications, BullsEye offers hundreds of unique sensors. Ranging from small, discreet sensors to full, industrial packaging, these solutions are custom built to solve your business's problems.

What's in it for you?

  • Comprehensive solutions for data collection and analysis
  • Active real-time monitoring
  • Solutions for all business types and deployments
  • Continuous logging of all data points
  • Proactive alerts so you can address potential issues
  • Built on scalable, secure, and proven cloud infrastructure
  • Design custom reports delivered via email or SMS
  • Own your data—export to internal or external systems
  • Gateway options include wired, WiFi, and cellular
  • Portal with mapping view of sensor location
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