BullsEye VoIP Technology

Ready to Respond Whenever a Crisis Should Arise

The very nature of a crisis means a situation is often changing minute-by-minute and businesses will likely need to act and adapt quickly. If a place of work must close with short notice, VoIP technology allows call re-direction within seconds.

BullsEye VoIP Let’s You Work From Anywhere: One of the most important benefits of BullsEye VoIP is that whether you are on the road or at home you experience “at-the-office” functionality just as if you were in the office. Depending on the type of business, most companies could continue to operate even if staff are working from home or have been advised or simply prefer to self-isolate.

To help, BullsEye provides several options to make it easier for enterprises:

  1. HPBX and Integrated Voice service
  2. HPBX and Integrated Voice clients can choose to receive our Unified Communication Applets.
  3. For clients that do not require HPBX or Integrated Voice, BullsEye offers our stand-alone VoIP Cloud Unified Communications service.

Unified Communications provides a cloud meeting and team collaboration solution that enables people and organizations to connect and collaborate remotely – and goes beyond integrating chat, voice, video, online meetings, and screen sharing.

  • Use any device: desk phones, smart phones, tablets, personal computers.
  • Deliver the same exceptional customer experiences when working remotely as you would deliver when in the office.
  • Audio and Video conferencing ensures that staff meetings and staff training can still go ahead, regardless of where employees are physically located.

Additional features of BullsEye VoIP service offerings which will provide consistent capabilities in the office or away from the office include:

  • Call Forwarding – This feature supports forwarding your incoming calls to a different phone number. The most beneficial options during a crisis:
    • Call Forwarding Always – Forwards all calls to the designated phone number
    • Call Forwarding Selective – Forwards certain calls to specific telephone numbers
  • Sequential Ring – Clients can define a “find-me” list of phone numbers or URLs (up to 5 locations), which are alerted sequentially upon receiving an incoming call that matches a set of criteria. While the service searches for the user, the calling party is provided with a greeting followed by periodic comfort announcements. The caller can also interrupt the search at any point to leave a message by pressing a DTMF key.
  • Simultaneous RingPersonal – Allows a client to have multiple destinations ring simultaneously when any calls are received on their phone number. The first destination to be answered is connected. In addition, the user can specify selective criteria under which the service should be activated.
  • BullsEye Contact Center service offering features multiple capabilities to ensure call centers continue to operate smoothly. Notable features:
    • Bounced Call Routing: A call that not answered within the specified number of rings will move to the next agent or can be set to transfer to a specified number.
    • Video Call Support: Video capability which enables loading video announcements and greetings.
    • Remote Office: Allows any user (Agent or Supervisor) to access and use their Call Center service from any end point, on-net, or off-net (for example, home office, mobile phone).  This service is typically used by home-based workers, as it enables them to use their Call Center client features while working remotely.