Helping Retailers Use Technology to Drive Customer Retention

With the abundance of choice, consumers are no longer limited to just a handful of options when buying goods. Not only has the number of options exponentially expanded, but so has the information available to customers. Smarter consumers and an abundance of choice has led to a decrease in brand loyalty, with consumers easily switching between retail channels from purchase to purchase. The power of the consumer in today’s environment has never been stronger.

Telecom services for retail

As these challenges become more prevalent, more retailers are looking at communications and technology as critical pieces of their customer retention strategy and in delivering a world-class customer experience. BullsEye delivers comprehensive technology and communications management for retailers nationwide. Whether it’s 10 or 10,000 retail locations, BullsEye provides the communications technology for you to deliver an exceptional experience for your customers.

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Case Studies

Auto Parts Chain

An automotive aftermarket parts company with approximately 500 company-owned locations, plus more than 100 independent locations in 18 states was a longstanding BullsEye POTS and broadband service client. Ready to make a change for a more cost-effective communications solution, the client looked to BullsEye for help.

Discount Retail Chain

In 2015, the parent company of the largest off-price and moderately priced apparel and home fashion retailer in the U.S. was looking to consolidate its POTS service and reduce overall communications costs across all its locations. After learning about BullsEye’s capabilities and offer to reduce their current costs, the company selected BullsEye to manage its POTS services.

Home Furniture Chain

Since 2012, a Michigan-based American manufacturer and retailer that makes home furniture, including upholstered
recliners, sofas, stationary chairs, lift chairs and sleeper sofas has relied on BullsEye to provide POTS services for 136
U.S. locations, including its corporate headquarters, manufacturing facilities and retail showrooms. In 2017, the
company asked BullsEye to assist with some non-POTS-related technical issues at its locations.

Discount Fashion Retailer

A discount fashion retailer operating outlets in Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia was looking to have more control of their network and upgrade their communications systems through a partner with the customer and technical services to fulfill its needs.

Gas Station / Convenience Store Chain

In 2012, a Michigan-based company operating 34 energy retail outlets selected BullsEye to consolidate its POTS and cable services for 28 locations. Having their communications “always on” was key for the retailer, and BullsEye’s proven strategy for consolidating services delivered as promised.

Let Us Help You Customize a Communications Solution for You

At BullsEye, our list of services goes on and on. We can help you identify the ones you need and the ones you don’t. Our clients depend on us to always deliver quality connections and superior customer service. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to provide the insight and support you need to optimize your communications environment.