We Offer a Full Suite of Carrier-Grade Wholesale Telecom Products and Services for Nationwide Carriers

BullsEye offers a full suite of carrier-grade wholesale telecom products and services for nationwide carriers. We also offer white label solutions for businesses including VoIP, SD-WAN and Internet. With extensive experience providing service to CLECs, Managed Service Providers, and Carriers, BullsEye has a team of wholesale specialists who will help assess your needs and see your project from concept to completion.

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What Sets Our Broadband Wholesale Apart

Wholesale data contracts – 13 largest cable cos.
Wholesale data contracts – all major LECs
Internal pricing tools for national coverage
Assigned Account Manager & Order Manager
All ordering, provisioning, and maintenance is managed by us
All Broadband circuits include proactive monitoring
Only provider offering pro-active monitoring

What Sets Our POTS Wholesale Apart

Certified CLEC in 48 states & DC
Offer POTS from all major LECs
Core competence in provisioning of POTS
Offer customer one provider for POTS
Manage all orders, maintenance & MACDs
Manage copper to fiber conversions
Work with customers on forbearance issues

We Are Your One Stop Shop For Wholesale

wholesale telecom

One provider for all DSL & cable pricing

wholesale telecom

One provider for all ordering & billing

wholesale telecom

One provider for maintenance issues

wholesale telecom

One provider to bundle POTS lines 

wholesale telecom

One account support team

wholesale telecom

Only provider offering pro-active monitoring