Manage Your Communications from Any Device

BullsEye offers an online tool to manage your services and communications across all locations.  The My BullsEye Account (MBA) portal incorporates a single invoice solution with order management, reporting, support resolution, call analytics and scoring, dashboard metrics, and independent management of calling features.  

Within the portal, you can submit new orders to add service, modify features, move services, and make additional account changes.  Track order status, pull call recordings, pay your consolidated bill online, and access invoices for your services at all locations.  This allows you to redeploy your employee resources towards more revenue-generating activities instead of paying multiple bills at different times throughout the month.

In order to help you look deeper into your telecom spend and uncover more opportunities for cost savings, MBA allows you to schedule and manage subscriptions for 50+ reports to meet your individualized needs.

Greater Flexibility to Self-Manage Your BullsEye Hosted Solution

Experience even more functionality and call intelligence with VoIP service.  Manage all users, features, and group services such as Auto Attendants and Hunt Groups from a single dashboard.  Reroute calls, set customized greetings, access call recordings, and identify trends with a set of additional reports. 

Valuable, Digestible Call Intelligence and Business Analytics

Gain an in-depth analysis of your telecom services.  BullsEye’s online portal offers a customizable set of reports on a summary and granular level.  Track your order status, view an inventory of services across all locations, and review invoice trends and exceptions. 

Let Us Help You Simplify Your Telecom

BullsEye makes managing telecom easy.  Self manage your services through one portal and work with your dedicated account team to ensure you have the features you need and proactively monitor your network devices. Gain visibility into your network with SD-WAN, powered by VMware.

Features & Benefits

Shred the costs that come with installing and maintaining a TEM system

Save time, streamline and simplify billing operations with only one monthly invoice

Reduce the hassle and confusion of managing multiple partners and services

Identify busiest day of the week and time of the day across each location

Utilize call recording and scoring to enhance opportunities for coaching and training

Review dispatch status including scheduled date/time, estimated duration, tech name, and photos

See the status of your SD-WAN device and if it is connected, degraded, or offline

Log and track support tickets through a single system

Proactively monitor service installations including activation dates

Track the longest and most expensive calls in addition to your most expensive locations

Gain visibility to all your locations and their activity, migration status, as well as cost savings to switch to other services

Easily import your billing file into your accounting system

See the existing features on your POTS lines when placing an order to modify features

Easily tell which locations are parent pay and the amounts transferred to the parent

Portal Capabilities

My BullsEye Account
  • Place orders and check daily order status
  • Submit, track, and add notes to support tickets on any location or service
  • Self manage your VoIP solution as a group administrator or end user
  • Take advantage of Invoice exception reporting for tracking the longest and most expensive calls as well as most expensive locations
  • Self-troubleshoot to resolve your most common questions
  • Know your line activation, deactivation and migration status, as well as cost savings to switch to other services
  • Simplify monthly payments by setting up recurring payments online
  • Access call recordings and add notes or custom scores to calls
  • Pull contact details for your dedicated account team
  • Easily identify the number of calls made per location, numbers dialed and cost
  • Track all of your data and Virtual Telephone Number (VTN) inventories by location
  • Reroute calls based on company and personal holiday schedules
  • Upload and manage customized voicemail greetings
  • Gain an in-depth analysis of your telecom services and the ability to easily import your billing file into your accounting system

What Makes Our Portal the Industry Standard

My BullsEye Account
  • Mobile responsive platform to allow you to manage your services on the go
  • Visibility to make more strategic decisions
  • Cloud-based platform for secure and efficient end-to-end communications management
  • Access to mobile and desktop applications to mobilize your office
  • Identify areas of opportunity to reduce costs, labor, and improve workflow based on greater insight to your call activity
  • Full invoice, billing, order, support, and reporting management
  • Business intelligence that yields actionable data
  • Gain visual graphical representation of call reporting
  • Customizable reporting and settings to optimize for your business
  • Stay up-to-date with dashboards, reporting, alerts and more