4 Things to Monitor When Managing Multiple Locations

Pay attention to these things that could lead to multi-unit profitability.

Are you a business owner with multiple locations?

How do you effectively monitor things like communication, productivity and efficiency across multiple stores or service outlets?

BullsEye’s telecommunications offerings can turn what feels like an unwieldy collection of scattered stores into a cohesive, top-performing group.

An unprepared operator can quickly become overwhelmed with the challenges involved in managing multiple locations. Here’s a short list of things to monitor that could lead to multi-unit profitability.

Growth: If one location is experiencing an overwhelming success, a second location close to the same area might prove even more profitable. However, many analysts say that one of the most common mistakes is trying to grow too fast, and that achieving timely telecommunication installation is one of the top concerns.

BullsEye provides a low cost, fast and effective way to bring new locations online; links your locations together; and provides a standardized experience across your entire region; making this less of a concern.

Quality Control: If you have multiple units across a wide service area, being able to remotely check on them is a huge benefit. With Bullseye, you can pull up schedules, customer service call records, and do quality control checks from anywhere.

Being able to review the effectiveness of customer service and the satisfaction of callers from an off-site locations makes it easy to see where additional training is needed.

Maintaining Contact: You and your location managers will always be able to reach one another with features like Find-Me-Follow-Me that forwards calls to the device you are on at any given time.

You can also hold conference calls to pull in key personnel from each location, whether they are in the office, on the road, or at home, for a Monday morning check-in.

Handling Crises: When a crisis happens at any location, for any reason, swift, coherent action is the only appropriate response. Track problems for a month across all locations, as well as handling of each issue, and standardize protocols to be used in each type of case.

Communicate these to all management personnel and stay on top of your brand’s reputation.

While some businesses start out with an excellent telecommunications and data management systems in place from day one, many do not.If you choose to expand, or have already expanded, and find yourself struggling to maintain efficiency and quality across your multiple locations, BullsEye can provide a way to bring everything in line.

A centralized system can help you monitor, manage and improve each location for better customer satisfaction and maximized profits.

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