How Cloud Phones Benefit Multi-Location Businesses

Cloud phone systems reduce complexity, minimize costs and improve collaboration.

For companies with multiple locations, maintaining a phone system can be a challenge. Usually these companies end up with a patchwork of different IT hardware and various telecom providers, depending on how geographically dispersed they are. Managing this complexity can be a major headache and a serious barrier to innovation and productivity gains.

Juggling several telecom providers can also deplete your budget, because you’re foregoing an opportunity to leverage economies of scale. But that’s not the only way to spend too much money on telecom: costly infrastructure upgrades and maintenance of PBX systems can quickly add up as well.

A cloud phone system is the ideal solution for multi-location businesses because it reduces complexity, minimizes telecom costs, and even improves communication and collaboration.

With a cloud phone system, there’s no need for:

  • Managing multiple telecom carriers
  • Complex maintenance schedules
  • PBX hardware training for IT professionals
  • Unexpected service calls to manufacturers and vendors
  • Juggling multiple telecom invoices
  • Contracting IT professionals to various locations
  • Decommissioning failing equipment

Instead you get a centralized, fully managed, and scalable phone system that’s hosted in the cloud.

With a cloud phone system, you can easily connect all business locations through a single virtual PBX because it works via the internet, completely bypassing the copper wire and MPLS switching stations. This also presents another benefit: the ability to connect to your phone system from anywhere with an internet connection.

Your employees can use your new cloud phone system wherever they are, making it easier for them to telecommute and stay connected to the office while travelling. In fact, you can access all cloud phone features from any device (including tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers); so mobile workers can communicate seamlessly with office workers.


The benefits of cloud phone systems for multi-location businesses can be summarized as follows:

  • Avoid coordinating PBX maintenance at multiple locations
  • Cut telecom costs and complexity
  • Skip the copper wire and move into the cloud for seamless communication
  • Use a single phone system for all locations and employees
  • Easily add new locations without investing in infrastructure
  • Manage your IT from a single office
  • No need for expensive trunk lines, PRIs, or bonded T1s at each location

The benefits are especially pronounced for businesses that have relatively few employees spread across multiple locations. Even small companies can now access enterprise-scale telecom service levels and features for a fraction of the price with cloud phone systems.

Facilitate multi-location telecom management with BullsEye.

Our cloud phone solution customers include several distributed enterprises, construction companies, tech companies, consulting firms, and real estate & property management companies.

We do more than just deliver the necessary cloud phone system connections across your multi-location facilities — we make telecom management easier by consolidating invoices and points of contact, containing costs, optimizing performance, and continually evolving our system with new features and better performance. We deliver industry-leading technology and support for all of your telecom needs so you can focus on growing your business, not maintaining it.

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