How a Cloud Phone System Works

Cloud phone systems use secure data centers to free businesses from the need to install and maintain expensive and complex hardware.

Systems are maintained and updated by trained IT professionals working with cloud phone service providers to guarantee Quality of Service and a virtually 100% uptime.

Cloud phone systems make it easy to manage multiple devices with a single business identify. You can connect all of your business devices to the same virtual phone number so that you can easily route inbound calls to various departments without having to transfer calls to another phone number. You can also maintain a centralized corporate contact database that can be accessed from any device. Moreover, many cloud phone systems come with additional features like presence indication, auto attendant, instant messaging, and video calling.

Cloud-based phone systems for business

Around the world companies like yours are already benefitting from cloud phone systems. However, most companies are still using outdated traditional phone technology. And in many cases, they’re missing an opportunity to enhance the efficiency of their office communications and reduce overall IT costs.

In 2014, cloud phones accounted for just 8 percent of all business voice services. But, in the same year, cloud phone adoption grew by an impressive 30 percent compared to 2013, while the number of traditional telephone subscribers actually decreased by 5 percent.

What’s driving cloud phone system adoption?

The main reasons are . . .

  • Efficiency: cloud phone systems make it easy to handle various phone lines because they can all be managed using a single web-based or app-based platform. What’s more, you can do all of this with a single business phone number hosted in the cloud.
  • Reduced IT costs: there’s no need to install expensive hardware. Ever. You can use existing desktop phones for calling features and Internet-enabled devices to access additional features. Cloud phones give you access to enterprise-level services without the need for an enterprise-level budget.
  • Scalability: companies can stay lean and adapt to new technology with cloud phones because they turn telephony into a service rather than an investment. You can easily add more phone lines as your business grows. Subscribers also get the benefit of improvements in technology and functionality without additional investments.

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