Sunset Strategy: Selling Into The End Of POTS

In the July-August 2014 issue of ChannelVision Magazine, BullsEye’s EVP, Tim Basa discussed the unique strategy and position that BullsEye has for selling into the “end” of POTS.

An excerpt along with a link to the full article is below.

“We are one of the few companies in the country that still want POTS lines,” says Tim Basa, vice president of sales at BullsEye Telecom. ”

And it’s because it is part of a long-term strategy to convert those lines to digital voice.” Dubbed “capture and convert,” BullsEye’s plan is to offer existing POTS customers a safe harbor of sorts among the uncertainties and unintended consequences of a looming network shutdown. Rather than trying to convince a company to make a switch to IP telephony before they might be ready, BullsEye can first move a new customer to its POTS, requiring no physical changes to the customer environment or desktop CPE, and then as the deadline approaches, move the customer to its hosted voice service or simply crossconnect existing gear to IP backbones via an IAD.

According to Basa, this provides the customer (particularly one operating multiple
locations) a more manageable and smoother transition than if it was moving POTS to a VoIP provider that may or may not offer analog services. “It is just a platform change for us,” he
says. “You are moving from BullsEye to BullsEye, so there is no finger pointing.”

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