Are You Secure? 3 Ways to Protect Yourself From a Data Breach

Data security is complex. There are seemingly as many ways to secure data as there are ways to steal it.

The methods and techniques hackers use to compromise and steal customer data are endless. It’s no longer a question of “if” a data breach will occur, but more of “when” and “how severe?”

If your company stores data about your customers and vendors then even a small breach can result in a damaged reputation and potential legal action.

According to a Price Waterhouse Coopers study, 70 percent of small businesses that experience a major data breach go out of business within a year. In spite of this most business are still not properly prepared for data breaches.

Here are 3 strategies that your company can use to protect itself from a security breaches.

1. Implement the right technology
Investing in the right technology is critical when it comes to protecting against security breaches. There are various types of hardware and software that can detect network intrusions before fraudsters have the opportunity to snoop into your data. Additionally, consulting with a firm that has expertise in network security will provide a tremendous benefit in ensuring that you are protected.

2. Restrict employee’s access on work computers
Breaches often occur when company employees download viruses or install unauthorized software. Regulate employees’ ability to install software on work computers and use content filtering to block access to sites and file types that may be harmful.

3. Use military-grade encryption
To reduce the likelihood of data being compromised across your network, it’s important to encrypt your data travelling across your network. While most businesses are familiar with encryption mechanisms in place on payment terminals, it’s also important to look at network security.

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