Customers Want Instant Digital Access

It’s more than just having the right people.

Having a great Contact Center application allows you and your company to make a lasting first impression while delivering a world-class experience to your customers.

But having a great Contact Center doesn’t just require having the right people on board, it also requires having the right features for your application.

That’s why, when looking for a Contact Center application, you’ll need to make sure that the one you choose comes equipped with these three “must have” features.

Customers Want Instant Digital Access

Dashboards That Display Real-Time Statuses and Metrics of Agents

Your Contact Center has to be committed to delivering the best customer experience, which is why you need to constantly monitor your performance. Having a Dashboard will give you the opportunity to do this.

A Dashboard is a visual chart that gives supervisors the ability to view real-time statistics such as current number of calls in queue, longest wait time, expected wait time, and much more. With this information, you can identify and respond to challenges and you can keep customers happy by ensuring that they aren’t stuck on the phone for too long.

Detailed Reports That Give You an Enhanced View of the Performance of Your Agents

As the supervisor of a Contact Center, it is vital to know about the health and performance of the Contact Center, its queues, and each Agent that you manage. To find this information, you need to have access to four types of detailed reports.

The first is called an Overall Active Summary that can compare the average talk time, time of unavailability and hold time. You’ll also need a Call Duration Report that can help you identify long call durations so you can use this information to train your team to reduce call times.

Another report that you’ll need is an Inbound Calls Report to know when the highest call volumes are occurring so you can adjust staffing and queues accordingly. Finally, you’ll need an Abandoned Calls Report, where you can tracking the frequency of hang-ups and prevent unsatisfied customers.

Call Recording to Develop Opportunities for Coaching, Training and Quality Control

Call recording is an invaluable feature to have when it comes to the training of your Contact Center employees. With this feature, supervisors can record the phone conversations that their employees have with their customers so they can identify ways improve the customer experience, and to verify that their employees are compliant with their policies. However, this isn’t the only purpose of using call recording.

Call recording can also be used to decrease the amount of errors when it comes to the entry of customer information. The information that’s recorded over the phone can be saved for review, such as contact or credit card information, which can prevent any forgotten or mistyped information.

What features do you believe are “must haves” for your Contact Center? Are there any features that we’re missing? Send us a message!