Manage Phone System on Your Own with BullsEye’s Digital Voice Portal

Self service tool provides flexibility, scalability and freedom from the constraints of traditional phone service.

Traditional phone service can be expensive, inflexible and hard to manage. When you have to depend on outside resources every time you wish to make a change or access data, long waits for service can negatively impact productivity.

BullsEye’s Digital Voice Portal is a self service tool that lets you independently manage your hosted VoIP solution via an internet connection – anytime from anywhere! It gives you flexibility, scalability, and freedom from the constraints of traditional business phone service.

Get immediate control over every line, with the ability to closely monitor all calls and users for higher productivity and a better customer service experience. Control your phones from your computer with the click of a mouse without the need for constant IT intervention.

Basic Benefits of a Centralized Voice Management System

BullsEye’s centralized digital voice portal allows you to:

  • Set up different departments for your office(s)
  • Assign users to each department
  • Set up time and holiday schedules which will be visible to all users
  • Manage both a personal phone list and a common call list through an enterprise directory
  • ?Re-route all phone lines to a different number with Disaster Redirect in case of emergency

These basic features allow you to add and manage both lines and users from your PC, without the need for IT assistance every time you make an addition or change. It’s a huge benefit from both time and cost perspectives!

Use Auto Attendant to Route Inbound Calls and Increase Productivity

Another advantage of the BullsEye digital voice portal is auto attendant features that streamline your call answering system. You can manage these directly from your computer to:

  • Quickly and easily configure hunt groups and auto attendants
  • Pull call records for any hunt group and auto attendant
  • Track productivity and call resolution
  • Increase employee efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • The auto attendant features alone can save your company both money and time!

Manage All Phones Remotely from your Group Dashboard

Your dashboard allows you to access every user in a group, from two different levels; either as a manager or as a group admin. You can:

  • Search for users and view recent calls for any user
  • See which users are currently on a call as well as what device they are using
  • View and manage settings such as call forwarding
  • Maintain user profiles and reset passwords

Customize each user’s phone using a visual manager device and assigning soft keys on an image of the phone to specific functions or speed dial numbers for that user’s device

Export call details for any user to email, PDF or CSV

These management features allow you to track individual users and provide additional training when needed for superlative results.

BullsEye’s new digital voice portal offers you the ultimate in independent management of your phone systems – with immediate updating possible from anywhere you can access an internet connection. It’s the best way to stay in control of your phone lines, providing reliable results with the click of a mouse!